Antec 電気化学検出器 DECADE ELITE の特徴は

ADF(Digital Filter)によるノイズレベルの最小化、セル、カラムのための安定した温度制御を実現 した恒温空間を確保して装置の高感度検出のための基礎条件を整えました

SenCellはアンペロメトリック測定の常識を覆すノンスペーサーセル、扱いが非常に簡単、なおかつ、感度測定のための AST(Adjustable Spacer Technology)で最小スペース設定を工学的に実現、セルをひねって定位置セッティングすれば


ELITE + SenCellのコンビネーションがお客様が期待する業界最高位の高感度ECD測定を可能にしました

SenCellの高感度をCoulochem II and III(ESA)でもご使用いただけます。

糖分析で最もDECADE ELITEの優秀性が発揮されます。

DECADE Elite - Electrochemical Detector

I’m Sensitive - I’m Impressive - I’m Elite


  • Most sensitive electrochemical detector
  • UHPLC & HPLC compatible
  • Temperature stabilized cell/column compartment
  • ADF (advance digital filter) to improve S/N ratio
  • Wide selection of flow cells

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) has gained much interest in many application areas. Small particle (sub 2 um) stationary phases with high separation efficiency makes it possible to use shorter columns and a fast analysis time while maintaining excellent separation. The DECADE Elite has been developed to meet the demands in fast analysis, as to detection sensitivity, acquisition frequency and temperature of separation.

The DECADE Elite uses Antec's workstation concept, keeping the column and flow cell (separation and detection) at a very accurate and stable temperature. Stable working conditions are a prerequisite for trace analysis, without stability no sensitivity! In addition, the DECADE Elite has ADF (advanced digital filter) which is a noise elimination algorithm specially developed for electrochemical data. It further improves the detection limit, depending on conditions up to a factor 200. Detection sensitivity is especially eminent in neurotransmitter analysis. Together with the new SenCell bottom line detection limits down to 30 pmol/L have been obtained in 2 µL sample. Antec provides a number of amperometric flow cells with different features for specific applications. The flow cells are certified and warranted up to 5 years (glassy carbon type).

The DECADE Elite is able to control up to 4 cells for high throughput applications or electrochemical pre-reduction (e.g. vit-K, Q10 etc). The detector has a pulse mode for carbohydrate analysis using the traditional 3-step pulse and more advanced 4 or 5 step pulses. The scan mode is available for method optimization, to characterize the electrochemical behaviour of a substance of interest.  



The DECADE Lite has the same performance as the DECADE Elite. It has an integrated oven with Faraday cage, it is equipped with the superior ADF and has control for one flow cell (single cell control). The DECADE Lite has DC mode only and is operated by PC control software (free). The DECADE Lite is compatible with all Antec flow cells. An electrically actuated injector or a manual injector (standard or micro) are optional.



The DECADE Elite (and Lite) is controlled by Clarity (rev 6) and the new Dialogue Elite.


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High Sensitivity Flow Cell for UHPLC/ECD       

Adjustable Spacer Technology (AST)       

  • No spacers or gaskets
  • Fast stabilization
  • Adapter-kit for Coulochem II & III


The SenCell™ is a new generation electrochemical flow cell specifically designed for highest sensitivity. The tool free assembly and the continuously adjustable working volume guarantee ease of use and fast  stabilization. The volume of the cell is small and can be adjusted between roughtly 0 and 300 nL. In addition, the cell can withstand a pressure of several bars, making the cell ideally suited for use in (U)HPLC with Electrochemical Detection (ECD).


Highest sensitivity

To realize the highest detection sensitivity, the cell design is based on the confined wall-jet principle. A three-electrode configuration is used consisting of working electrode (WE), reference electrode (REF) and auxiliary electrode (AUX). The AUX is kept at precisely the same potential as the reference electrode via a voltage clamp, compensating for any polarization effects that might occur at the electrodes. In addition, utmost care has been devoted to the quality and finishing of the electrode material so that the highest sensitivity with fast stabilization is achieved, making the cell ideally suited for ultra-trace analysis in (U)HPLC, micro- and capillary LC/ECD.

Adjustable Spacer Technology - AST[1]

The new design is using Adjustable Spacer Technology (AST), the use of polymeric gaskets (spacers) is now obsolete. The AST is a build-in micropositioner for the working electrode relative to the inlet. To adjust the electrode position simply turn the micropositioner mechanism in the cell with an adjustment key (which is provided). By minimizing the electrode distance ('spacer'), more signal will be 'squeezed out'. For many applications this will improve the detection sensitivity.

[1] US Patent nr. 9,310,330




Adjustment from position 2 to 1:  turn counter clockwise with the provided adjustment key.

Adjustment of the SenCell from position 3 to 0.5 results in a 2,5 fold increase in signal.


Reference electrodes

The SenCell is available with 3 different color coded reference electrodes that can be easily exchanged to fit any application.

  • HyREF (Pd/H2) – black
  • ISAAC (In-Situ Ag/AgCl) – green
  • Salt Bridge (Ag/AgCl) – blue


Ease of use

The tool free, easy-lock screw assembly allows for fast (dis-)assembly. Furthermore the AST guarantees for highest sensitivity (S/N) and fast stabilization.

Adapter-kit for use with Coulochem II and III

Boost the sensitivity of your existing Coulochem detector (ESA) by making use of Antec’s SenCell. For easy installation an adapter-kit is available consisting of Faraday cage and appropriate cell cable, for more details, see Ordering Information


           Faraday cage (open & close) for optimal shielding of SenCell used with Coulochem (ESA/Dionex) detector.


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