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Perfect Zero-Dead-Volume Connections

PicoClear™ technology revolutionizes the way capillary connections are made. High performance applications that require connections with inline filters, liquid-junction voltage, sample-trap, or tees and crosses are now simple and easy! The PicoClear line of connectors can do it all–even at high pressure.

How does PicoClear™ technology work?

PicoClear connectors feature pure radial compression toprovide a high performance connection. This novel format ensures the perfect alignment and union of fused-silica tubing – every time. Uniformly applied pressure surrounds the tubing, thereby eliminating friction and cracking that can lead to unwanted contaminants and result in a clogged nanospray emitter.

  • Pure radial compression
    PicoClear Connector for 360 µm tubing
    The radial compression provided by PicoClear connectors is a revolutionary development in LC-MS and eliminates frusto-conical compression connections featured in traditional fittings. Troubleshooting becomes diagnostic and clogging is virtually eliminated.
  • Clearly, a revolutionary solution
    PicoClear Connector illustrated
    Because PicoClear connectors are clear,perfect contact is confirmed with a simple visual inspection. A clear solution to a difficult problem.
  • Elastomer core
    PicoClear Connector illustrated in use
    The elastomer core provides the platform for PicoClear technology and allows for the easy visualization of the perfect connection.Compression of the elastomer core results in a clear view of the union, and of course, a perfect connection.

How PicoClear Works - Radial Compression


型番 品名 参考価格
PCU-150 PicoClear Union 150 25,000
PCU-150-I PicoClear Union Cores 150 17,000
PCU-150-NF PicoClear Nuts & Ferrules 13,000
PCU-360 PicoClear Union 360 27,000
PCU-360-I PicoClear Union Cores 360 17,000
PCU-360-NF PicoClear Union Ferrules 13,000




キット | Upchurch | Vici | Diamond Scribe | Micro Tool Kit | Packing Mount | Trap’nTip™ | その他

Nanobore Fittings, Tools and Hardware

◆Fittings Kit

Order Number: FSFK-2: 72,000円
Everything you need for connecting fused-silica tubing with conventional HPLC hardware, Luer lock, and injection syringes.

Kit includes:

  • (1) M-531-1 Microfilter Assembly
  • (1) M-121-1 Filter Cap Assembly, 4 pk
  • (1) P-770 ZDV PEEK Adapter
  • (1) F-172 MicroFerrule, .025″, 4 pk
  • (1) P-720 MicroTight Union
  • (1) F-125 Micro FingerTights, 4 pk
  • (1) P-775 MicroTee Assmebly, .025″
  • (1) F-183X MicroTight Sleeves, 280 µm, 10 pcs
  • (1) F-185X MicroTight Sleeves, 395 µm, 10 pcs
  • (1) F-240X SealTight Sleeves, 280 µm x 1/16, 10 pcs
  • (1) F-242X SealTight Sleeves, 380 µm x 1/16, 10 pcs
  • (1) F-331NX FingerTight w/ferrules, 10 pk
  • (1) P-659 10-32 Female-to-Female Luer Adapter
  • 2m lengths each of 360/20, 360/50, 360/75, and 360/100 µm OD/ID fused-silica tubing

◆Upchurch® Fittings & Connectors

Part Number Description Qty 参考価格
NOF-125x Std. Head Fittings for MicroTight® Sleeves, Natural PEEK™ 10 10,000
NOF-152 MicroFerrule for 360 µm OD tubing, Natural PEEK™ 1 10,000
NOF-172x MicroFerrule for .025″ OD Tubing, Black PEEK™ 10 12,000
NOF-184x MicroTight®PEEK™ Tubing Sleeves, 330 µm ID, Orange 10 6,000
NOF-185x MicroTight®PEEK™ Tubing Sleeves, 395 µm ID, Green 10 6,000
NOF-242x SealTight™ FEP Sleeves 1/16″ OD, 395 µm ID, Green 10 6,000
NOF-331Nx NanoTight Nuts 10-32 w/F-142N Ferrule, Natural PEEK™ 10 9,000
NOF-241x SealTight™ FEP Sleeve 1/16″ OD, 335 µm ID, Orange 10 6,000
NOP-720 True ZDV Union w/Fittings & Gauge Plug, Natural PEEK™ 1 7,000
NOP-775 MicroTee, 150 µm Thru-holes, PEEK™ 1 18,000
NOP-777 MicroCross for MicroTight® Sleeves (150 µm Thru-holes) 1 19,000
NOM-120x PEEK™ End-Fittings for Inline MicroFilter with .5 µm Frit 10 20,000
NOM-134 1 µm NanoFilter capsule, PEEK™ w/Titanium Frit, 1/32″ 2 14,000
NOM-520 Inline Microfilter Assembly w/Fittings, .5 µm 1 16,000
NOM-538 Inline NanoFilter Assembly for 360 µm Tubing w/Fittings 1 35,000

◆Valco Fittings & Connectors

Part Number Description Qty 参考価格
NOZU1TTI Zero Dead Volume Titanium Union 1/16″ 1 15,000
NOC-NNFLFPK Nanovolume Nut & Ferrule for 10-port valve 1 11,000

◆Diamond Scribe

Close-up photo of diamond scribe
Part Number: SCRIBE: 16,000円
This precision, 90° wedge-style (1 mm-wide blade) diamond scribe is different from most diamond point scribes available elsewhere. It’s the tool of choice by our own production techs. With proper technique, this scribe can be used to cleave even thin-wall tubing without damage and with minimum particulate generation.

◆Micro Tool Kit

Photo of micro tool kit
Part Number: TIP-KIT: 28,000円
Tool assortment for low-volume preparative work. These high-quality tools are the same as those used in the New Objective lab. Includes Dumont #7 fine forceps, Dumont #578A forceps, 90° precision diamond scribe, needle probe for swaging sleeves, and a 6″ metal ruler (inch/mm).

◆PicoFrit Packing Mount

Photo of micro tool kit
Order Number: MOUNT-FS1
Acrylic base for the inspection of fused-silica tips by light microscopy; especially useful for holding PicoFrit tips during packing. The 1″ x 3″ baseplate is designed to fit any conventional mechanical stage. Includes MicroTight union and ferrules for 360 µm OD fused-silica tubing. Ideal for use with the PIP-500 Injection Platform.


(写真上)Carbon-, C18/Carbon-, and C18-coated Trap’nTips

Using Trap’nTips: 蛋白質・ペプチドサンプルの濃縮、精製チップ、MS測定前の簡易調製に最適です。
C18, Carbon, C18/Carbon, Titanium, Zirconium の5種類の吸着素材が用意されています。

(写真下)Trap’nTip filled with sample on a standard pipetter


  • Excellent sensitivity: フェムトモルからアットーモルの狭間での利用
  • High reproducibility: チップバラつきがなく 使用が簡単、信頼性の高い使用法です
  • High throughput: 吸着・洗浄・溶出を高速で(>300 µL/min) 、バックプレッシャーは低いのです
  • Sample capacity: < 0.5 µg 最小20 nLのサンプルにも対応できます
  • Applications include: 脱塩、予備濃縮、ステップワイズ溶出 (MALDI, LC-MS向けの簡易分離)、ナノエレクトロスプレー (エミッターへの直接注入)


Part Number Sorbent Qty/Box Price
NOTNTC18 C18 96 51,000円
NOTNTCAR Carbon 96 51,000円
NOTNTMC18 Carbon/C18 96 51,000円
NOTNTTI Titanium 96 59,000円
NOTNTZR Zirconium 96 59,000円




  • Hamilton Syringe

    Order Number: NO14-824
    10 µL syringe with a 10 cm long, 170 µm OD flexible fused-silica needle. Ideal for filling offline PicoTips.
  • Calibrated Micropipettes

    Order Number: NO2-000-001 (250 pieces per box)
    Precision-calibrated 1-5 µL micropipettes are ideal for monitoring offline sample loading of PicoFrit columns. Fire-polished and color-coded with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5%, these are ideal for measuring through-column flow rates.
  • Eppendorf GELoader tips

    Order Number: NO22351656 (Box of 192 tips)
    Flexible 350 µm OD gel-loading pipette tip, makes offline PicoTips® sample loading fast and simple.
  • Glygen NuTips

    Order Number: NONT1C18 (Box of 192 tips)
    Ready-made, disposable pipette tips with C18 micro-columns for fast, simple purification of peptide mixtures and proteins. Perfect for MALDI and offline applications.




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