ESIスプレーチップ (ナノスプレー) オンラインエミッタ

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1. SilicaTip 2. TaperTip 3. MetalTip コーティング 参考価格

ESIスプレーチップ (ナノスプレー) オフラインエミッタ


1. SilicaTip™エミッタ

SilicaTip emitters are capable of hundreds of hours of continuous operation (more than 800 hours with MeOH/water/acetic acid mobile phase) without a loss of coating. These emitters are engineered for continuous-flow nanospray in a 20-1,000 nL/min. range. Each SilicaTip must pass rigorous video inspections and conform to stringent specifications to ensure the highest performance nanospray emitter.

  • flow rangeが30-1,000 nl/minの長持ち高性能スプレーチップ
  • 様々なアプリケーション向けで、幅広い内径、チップサイズ、長さの選択が可能
  • 複数のコーティングオプション
  • 型番の読み方
    FS150 (外径)-20 (内径)-10 (先端内径)-CE (コーティング種類)-20 (本数)-C7 (長さ)
    [コーティング種類]CE: 先端コート D: 尾部コート N: ノンコート
  • Consistent, sustainable, high performance spray
  • Ideal for low-flow and ultra-low flow applications
  • Custom sizes available to fit any mass spectrometer platform
  • 詳細パンフレット


PreCut SilicaTips

SilicaTipには、Waters、Thermo、AB SCIEXなどのシステムの場合でも、特定のMS構成に必要な正確な長さにプリカットおよびポリッシュ加工された製品もございます。プリカットとは、接続する前にエミッタの端を切断する必要がないことを意味し、すぐに使用できる状態になっています。

Fritted SilicaTips

A fritted SilicaTip (also known as a Self-Pack PicoFrit) provides a nanospray emitter that is virtually clog-free. The fritted SilicaTip is a popular choice when the application demands cleanliness within the fluid path as well as high performance sample preparation methods.

Fritted SilicaTip emitter acts as a filter or can be packed as a column

2. TaperTip™エミッタ

Fused-silica TaperTip emitters are engineered and designed for microspray flow rates (0.2 to 3.0 µL/min.). As with the SilicaTip nanospray emitters, each TaperTip undergoes a rigorous video inspection protocol, resulting in the highest performance nanospray emitter.


  • マイクロスプレー流量 (0.2〜3.0μL/分)
  • 高電圧用途に複数のコーティングオプション
  • External taper only
  • Virtual clog-free operation
  • Rugged, reliable, and reproducible performance
  • Choose from a variety of sizes and formats to meet specific needs

3. Metal TaperTip™エミッタ


Precision trimmed and polished, stainless steel TaperTip™ emitters are micro-spray workhorses. Extremely durable, each tip can last through months of delivery time. Emitters are easily inserted into a microsleeve to enable use with systems requiring 360 µm OD tip sizes. Use Metal TaperTips for applications that require high throughput but are not sensitive to metal binding or adduction.

  • Outstanding durability, reliable performance > 1,000 hours
  • Accomodates a wide flow range: 0.2 – 1.5 µL/min
  • Provides a stable, reliable spray
  • No internal taper means less clogging
  • Reusable
型番 仕様
MT320-100-3-5 320 um ID, 100 um tip ID, 3 cm length, 5 tips per box
MT320-100-3.5-5 320 OD, 100 ID, 3.5 cm, 5 per box
MT320-100-5-5 320 OD, 100 ID, 5 cm, box of 5
MT320-50-3-5 320 um ID, 50 um tip ID, 3 cm length, 5 tips per box
MT320-50-3.5-5 320 OD, 50um 3.5 length, box of 5
MT320-50-5-5 320 OD, 50 ID, 5 cm length, 5 per box



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