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Sangon Biotech社のRNA分離・精製キット

型番 製品名
詳細 ・ 特長
B511321-0020 / -0100 UNlQ-10 Column Trizol Total RNA Isolation Kit
Storage: 2~8°C
Package: 20 PREPS / 100 PREPS
Component: Trizol Reagent;RPE Solution;DEPC-H2O;
EP013 TRIpure Total RNA Extraction Reagent (As Trizol)

ELK Biotechnology社

TRIpure Total RNA Extraction Reagent is a reagent for total RNA extraction from various animal and plant, bacterial tissues/cells. It has strong cleavage ability to lyse cell and tissue samples in a short time and keep RNA intact in the sample. and effectively inhibit the degradation of RNA. The sample can be fully cleaved in the reagent. After centrifugation with chloroform, the solution forms a supernatant layer, an intermediate layer and an organic layer (lower red layer)…

EP018 Plant Total RNA Extraction Kit

ELK Biotechnology社

The ground plant tissue is dissolved by the strong lysis solution and filtered to remove protein impurities and cell debris. Column purification technology efficiently removes residual protein and PCR inhibitors. After RNA is washed with solution RRPB and Solution RWB, it is eluted with RNase-Free ddH2O, which can be used in various molecular biology experiments.

EP014 Total RNA Extraction Kit

ELK Biotechnology社

The reagents used in this kit do not contain phenol and chloroform, which greatly reduces the harm of phenol and chloroform to the experimenter and expands the use environment. This product can quickly extract total RNA from animal cells, tissues, and can process a large number of different samples simultaneously…

EP017 Viral RNAclean Kit

ELK Biotechnology社

This product is suitable for the extraction of various viral RNA or DNA from plasma, whole blood, cell-free body fluids (including plasma, serum, urine, CSF and cell culture supernatant), viral stock solution and infected tissues. Compared with the traditional boiling method, the detection sensitivity can be increased by 10-50 times.Compared with the traditional Trizol method, the detection sensitivity can be increased 5-10 times…

B518623-0050 / -0100 Blood Total RNA Isolation Kit
Storage: RT
Package: 50 PREPS / 100 PREPS

Creative Biolabs社のエキソソームRNA抽出キット

EIRK-0x Exosome RNA Extraction Kit
Creative Biolabs社のExosome RNA Extraction Kitは、ヒトの生体液 (血漿、血清、尿)、細胞培養上清、腫瘍由来の液体など、様々なサンプルから高品質なエクソソームRNAを抽出。



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