2010 was the memorial year of carbon.
Novel Prize in Phisics is for study of carbon molecule sheet and in Chemistry is for study of carbon coupling.
PYROCARB that is coated pyrotic-carbon membrane on bare graphite is epoch-making plate for MALDI TOF/MS.

PYROCARB’s Advantages of chemical and physical property

  1. Superior resistence to chemical corrosion(acid-aq and alkali-aq)
  2. Superb thermal stability characteristic
  3. Purification of membrane is highly purity.
  4. Conductor
  5. Very small thermal expansion

PYROCARB’s benefits

  1. Matrix solution (saturated) can be diluted to 1,000 times.(lower noise , decreasing contamination of MS by matrix)
  2. Ionaization with much lower laser energy can be attainable.(better selectivity)
  3. Cristalization is homogeneous and no dispersion.(sweetspot area is much bigger)
  4. Chemical reaction on the plate before or after measurement.
AB Voyager for AB4700 α-CHCA diluted x100

Matrix concentration and ionization (Voyager AB)

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