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エレクトロスプレーイオン化 、プロテオミクス、呼気分析、ボラティロミクス。
Fossil Ion Technology社はバイオ分析機器の開発と電気流体力学の専門知識により、最高のイオン化システムを提供します。


LOTUS nESI emitters

Based on the Sharp Singularity emitters, LOTUS emitters are hydrophobic to improve electrospray ionization efficiency and consistency.

SUPER SESI-X (SSX) vapor ionization

SSX is optimized for the Thermo Exploris, Tribrid and TSQ MS series. Biologically relevant vapor and nano-aerosol ionization in real-time.

SUPER SESI QE vapor ionization

SUPER SESI is optimized for Thermo QExactive instruments, with a universal sample inlet to fit smoothly in your experimental set-up.

Sharp Singularity, nESI emiters

Stable and repeatable nano electro-spray with precision micro-machined, fully traceable and elongated emitters. ID from 10 μm to 50 μm.

EXHALION breath analysis maneuver

Compatible with standard spirometry antibacterial filters, provides CO2 and flow measurements, and guides the exhalation maneuver.

Dragonfly nano-columns

We re-engineered the column-emitter block to improve reproducibility and performance in proteomic studies.


The first in this family of products aimed at standardizing, simplifying and industrializing nanoelectrospray for proteomics workflows.


Calle Cipreses No. 18; 28036, Madrid, Spain


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Fossil Ion Technology