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概 要 特 長 FAQ (ご注文方法)



化学合成のmRNA (>200 mer)の限界は、合成のボトルネックになっています。対照的に、数千塩基までのインビトロ転写によるテンプレート指向性mRNA合成は、非常に現実的な方法です。Bio-Synthesisによるin vitro転写によるプラスミドベースの鋳型からのカスタムmRNA合成を提供します。お客様から提供されたDNAテンプレートから生成することができます。または、一から提供することもできます。


mRNA Transcription Synthesis Services:

  • Free Codon optimization Services
  • Design and synthesis of mRNA templates using default pUC vector containing T7 promoter at the 5′ end.
  • Cloning and sequencing verification of full length gene into pUC vector.
  • Linearization of sequence-verified plasmid
  • mRNA transcripts modified with M7G or ARCA capping and >150 nts of 3′ polya (A) tails.
  • DNase treatment to remove template DNA.
  • Dephosphorylation by phosphatase treatment.
  • Wide range of mRNA synthesis scales and modified bases.
  • Fully traceable ISO compliance documentation system.


  1. What type of mRNA capping do you provide?
    • We provide mCAP (m7G(5′)ppp(5′)G capping for all our standard mRNA transcripts. We also provide ARCA, anti-Reverse Cap Analogs (3′ O-Me-M7G(5′)ppp(5′)G) as an option. ARCA can only be inserted in the proper orientation which leads to higher translation levels.
  2. How many A’s does polyadenylation add?
    • We incorporate polyadenylation by template driven enzymatic methods. These methods produce mRNA with a >150 nts long poly(A) tail which is often used to enhance translation efficiency.
  3. Do you provide phosphatase treament?
    • Yes, phosphatase treatment is part of our standard mRNA transcription procedure. This triphosphates containing mRNA is a result of incomplete capping procedure. In some cases, it is necessary to remove 5′-triphosphate to reduce possible innate immune responses in mammalian cells.

  1. 見積もり・注文にあたり必要な項目は?
    • When ordering mRNA transcript services, please provide information such as mRNA sequence, desired 5′ and 3′-UTR sequence. You may also provide additional specifications for modified bases such as s5-meC, pseudouridine (ψ) or any others.For mRNA plasmid templates provided to Bio-Synthesis, please supply 5 ug plasmid DNA and information such as:
      • Promoters
      • Linearization enzyme
      • Restriction site
      • Target sequence or length
      • Is recloning needed?
      • Plasmid map if possible


下記フォームからご送信されるか、あるいは へメールでお送り頂いても結構です。


Non-modified RNABase modified RNAmRNABase modified mRNA

m7G CapARCA Cap5-MethylcylidinePseudouridine2-Thiouridineその他

For client supplied plasmid, please provide additional information such as:
Target sequence, promoter information, unique linearization site, type of capping needed, etc.