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Electrically neutral backbone, a key feature of PNAs, also provides advantages in FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridization). The high specificity of PNA by electrically neutral backbone enables rapid hybridization with just a small amount of PNA probe without significant background signal, resulting in high signal-to-noise ratio and washing under mild conditions. Telomere /centromere PNA FISH probes for telomere length analysis are available with a variety of fluorescence.


PNA FISH probe Cat. No. Product Name Size 参考価格
C-rich probe
(repeats of CCCTAA)
F1001 TelC-FAM 5 nmole 34,000
F1002 TelC-Cy3 5 nmole 34,000
F1003 TelC-Cy5 5 nmole 34,000
F1004 TelC-Alexa488 5 nmole 48,000
F1009 TelC-FITC 5 nmole 34,000
F2003 TelC-Alexa647 5 nmole
F2005 TelC-Biotin 5 nmole
F2001 TelC-TAMRA 5 nmole 34,000
G-rich probe
(repeats of TTAGGG)
F1005 TelG-FAM 5 nmole 34,000
F1006 TelG-Cy3 5 nmole 34,000
F1007 TelG-Cy5 5 nmole 34,000
F1008 TelG-Alexa488 5 nmole 48,000
F1010 TelG-FITC 5 nmole 34,000
F2002 TelG-TAMRA 5 nmole 34,000
F2004 TelG-Alexa647 5 nmole
F2006 TelG-Biotin 5 nmole
Pan-centromere probe F3003 Cent-Cy3 5 nmole 34,000
F3006 Cent-FAM 5 nmole 34,000
F3011 Cent-Cy5 5 nmole
F3012 Cent-Alexa488 5 nmole
F3013 Cent-FITC 5 nmole
F3014 Cent-TAMRA 5 nmole
F3015 Cent-Alexa647 5 nmole
F3016 Cent-Biotin 5 nmole
CENPB probe F3001 CENPB-FAM 5 nmole
F3002 CENPB-Cy3 5 nmole
F3004 CENPB-Cy5 5 nmole
F3005 CENPB-Alexa488 5 nmole
F3007 CENPB-FITC 5 nmole
F3008 CENPB-TAMRA 5 nmole
F3009 CENPB-Alexa647 5 nmole
F3010 CENPB-Biotin 5 nmole

* In addition to the above products, other types of fluorophores and probes for other targets can also be supplied as custom PNAs. Please contact us for more details.


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