TransZol Up Plus RNA Kit : ER501


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TransZol Up Plus RNA Kit is a ready-to-use reagent for the isolation of total RNA from cells and tissues. After lysis and centrifugation, the solution separates into an upper colorless aqueous phase (containing RNA), intermediate phase and a lower pink organic phase. RNA is specifically bound to silica-based spin column. It is a new modified version of TransZol Up. Compared with other total RNA extraction methods, TransZol Up Plus RNA Kit provides powerful lysis and easy column based purification.




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100 rxns


  • Wide application: suitable for isolating RNA from a variety of species including human, animal, plant and bacteria.
  • Powerful lysis capability: complete lysis, higher RNA yield and higher purity.
  • Rapid extraction: the whole procedure can be completed in one hour.
  • Visible operation: pink solution for easy visualizing different phases.


TransZol Up at 4°C in dark for one year, others at room temperature (15°C- 25°C) for one year


Components ER501-01 (100 rxns)
TransZol Up 100 ml
Clean Buffer 9 (CB9) 110 ml
Wash Buffer 9 (WB9) 24 ml
RNase-free Water 40 ml
RNA Spin Column with Collection Tubes 100 each
RNase-free Tube (1.5 ml) 100 each


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