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PANAGENE has developed PNAs™ miRNA inhibitors that are superior in specificity and stability to existing miRNA inhibitors, using PNA’s advantages. PNAs™ miRNA inhibitors are single stranded PNAs, which are an excellent tool for studying the function of miRNAs by specifically binding to endogenous miRNAs and effectively inhibiting their functionIn addition, PNAs™ miRNA inhibitors are combined with CPP (Cell Penetrating Peptide), so that transfection efficiency can be increased and it is possible to penetrate it even without transfection reagent in certain types of cells.


  • 01:Effective inhibition of miRNAs’ activity
  • 02:No toxicity to the cells
  • 03:Long lasting inhibition effect by stability against to enzymes
  • 04:Improved cell permeability by CPP (Cell Penetrating Peptide)


Sequence: CPP (Cell Penetrating Peptide)-linker-PNA (specific to miRNA)
Purity: HPLC purified >90%

Product Name Cat. No. Quantity 参考価格
PNAs™ miRNA inhibitor, miRNA-specific PI-XXXX 25 nmole 43,000
PNAs™ miRNA inhibitor, Negative Control PN-1001 25 nmole 43,000
PNAs™ miRNA inhibitor, miRNA-specific & Fluorescein-labeled PI-XXXX-FAM 5 nmole 41,000
PNAs™ miRNA inhibitor, Negative Control & Fluorescein-labeled PN-1001-FAM 5 nmole 41,000


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